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About Us

BrownieBoys was born from one of the purest loves of all, the love of chocolate. We bake fresh homemade brownies, with all the qualities an amazing brownie should have; rich, indulgent, fudgy and moist. The decadent brownies are a must-try with the various flavours baked right into the brownies and not just slathered on the top. Some even come with delicious eggless options! As soon as you sink your teeth into one of our brownies, you’ll start to wish brownie marriage was legal, because it’s going to be an extremely long term relationship.

About The Baker

Narain, a self-taught baker, has meticulously perfected the best brownie recipes to get your tastebuds in a frenzy. When he is not busy gracing our screens or stages with his stunning good looks and charisma, Narain whips up ideas to expand his product line by experimenting with new flavours. His friends and family must be the luckiest volunteers to be his ‘lab-rats’ in this quest… and his customers certainly the happiest!

Narain – Founder

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